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George Floyd's murder has put us, once again, face to face with the persistent generational, systemic racism that poisons our country. I pledge to change biased systems and laws that govern who gets access to the American dream and who doesn't.

Go out today and vote for diversity. Vote for change. I hear you and I am you.

June 2nd Primary Day!  Tuesday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Attention Voters/Atencion Votantes:

Drop off your Absentee Ballot or Vote in Person/Entregue su boleta en ausencia o vote en persona.

Four Hills Shopping Center and Manzano Mesa Elementary School are some of the 61 Voting Centers in the area.

Here are all 61 locations:

As a proven and successful community leader, most of you already know me and know that I have already laid the groundwork for a safe and a prosperous future for my district and for New Mexico.  I have successfully mobilized communities, business groups, community organizations, law enforcement, government entities and others to work cohesively for common objectives.

As a Neighborhood Association President, during the COVID-19 crisis, I am working hard everyday to be a resource for my community while simultaneously and tirelessly advocating for those who would not otherwise have the time or resources to sound their collective voice.  With an unknown future in front of us, we must tackle a plethora of challenges that we have never faced before.  It is important to have excellent and proven leadership in place and I am the best prepared to guide us into the post-COVID recovery.

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