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 Democratic Party of Bernalillo County Candidate Focus

Ilena Estrella 2020 New Mexico House Candidate
Ilena Estrella, 2020 New Mexico House Candidate


Ilena Estrella 


Public Safety

As a community leader, public safety has been a top priority.  I have successfully spearheaded large district-wide community involvement mobilizing law enforcement, communities, businesses, neighbors, City and State government and more to significantly decrease crime in my district. 

Our retirees, families and children cannot thrive where they don’t feel safe.  New Mexicans can continue to be empowered by making sure trusted and proven leaders like myself continue to be in place.  I will doggedly persevere to support and further establish solid community relationships and strategies which will further enhance our safety, educational quality and opportunities, businesses and jobs, arts and culture, and much more.

Business Development

Since before the COVID-19 crisis, business development has been a priority issue for me in district 20.  Over the years, areas of blight have developed which currently present themselves as areas of opportunity moving into the post-COVID recovery.  Serious and thoughtful stimulus of businesses along historic Rt. 66 and in other areas will provide much-needed opportunities for jobs and the well-being of the greater community.

Creative encouragement of businesses which help us transition from relying on oil and gas revenues and also help to create opportunities for education at every level is fundamental to our success.  Government, with absolute transparency, will need to take a bigger role as we progress through our recovery.


Healthcare issues have been put under a microscope during the COVID-19 crisis.  I have worked in infectious disease and I understand the delivery of healthcare and the challenges that both rural and urban areas face.  New Mexico already possesses many resources and great potential for innovation in treatments and access.  Every single New Mexican deserves access to our world-class medicine and should not be burdened with preventable chronic illnesses.  Graduates from our renowned universities and colleges should be staying in NM and we can continue to be a model for America.

Homelessness in NM

As a community leader, I have been involved on the front lines of this issue. District 20 is particularly affected which is why I know, from experience, that there is no “one size fits all” solution.

The key to successful homeless solutions lies in community acceptance and involvement.  I have been involved first hand in advocating for an appropriate location for the Tiny Home Village.  I have also been involved in the development and advocacy of a campus model solution which has broad business, community and faith-based support.  

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Estrella for NM
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